About Akaiji

Hi! Welcome to Akaiji! We’re so happy to see you here!

Established in 2018, Akaiji is a brand offering clothing and lifestyle items inspired by the Japanese culture.

Here at Akaiji, we have been heavily influenced by “The Land of the Rising Sun” and its strong culture – most notably, our founders have been huge fans of manga, anime and video games since their childhood days.

We have always wanted to wear clothing that looks great and that represent what we love the most. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find apparel that not only is of high quality, but also that looks awesome and expresses what we love the most. So, an idea crossed our minds: why not launch our own brand to offer creative products inspired by our love of Japan?

And so…Akaiji was born! In our shop, you’ll find items inspired by our love for Japan. Our designs are unique and developed by us – you won’t find our products sold in stores outside of Akaiji! We sell colorful, bold and unique items – exactly expressing the craziness and the daring nature of Japanese culture!

Be bold, be unique, be wild: show your true colors by wearing Akaiji!

Thank you for your support!

Team Akaiji.