Frequently Asked Questions


About Akaiji

Can you tell me more about Akaiji?

Akaiji is a young fashion brand that was launched in 2018. We aim at designing clothes and lifestyle items that relates to our love for Japan.

As a young company, our vision is to make unique designs inspired by our love for Japan. Our mission is not only to provide unique and quality products to our customers, but also to develop a strong bond with our fans. Our designs are unique and stems from our own creative minds: our dream is to see people wearing colorful and awesome clothes to make life more joyful! Life is short, so why not wear something that you love and brings out the most audacious side of yourself? Finally, our values are respect, tolerance, and perseverance to never give up on our dreams.

Why is your brand named “Akaiji”?

With the goal of designing products inspired by our love for Japan set in our minds, we wanted to find a brand name that not only sounded Japanese but that was also easy to remember and, most importantly, bore strong significance for us. After brainstorming dozens of ideas, we selected a portmanteau word that combined the name of two of our founders’ favorite manga characters: Akagi and Kaiji (created by the same mangaka, Nobuyuki Fukumoto). Our brand name Akaiji was thus born!

Akaiji bears a strong meaning to us since it reminds us of our love and passion for Japan. Moreover, Akagi and Kaiji, the two manga characters who inspired us, are both known for their strong mentality and perseverance – they never give up! That’s why our brand name always motivates us to give out our best. In addition, “akai” refers to the red color in Japanese, which is one of our favorite color.

Akaiji is thus a perfect name for our brand as it aligns with our ideas, vision, values and our number one goal: providing original and unique products to our beloved customers!

Can you tell me more about your designs and products?

We take inspiration from the multiple facets of Japanese culture, traditions, and folklore. Since we are heavily influenced by manga and video games, a lot of our designs have a strong “anime” feel to them – bold and colorful designs are at the heart of what we do!

Once we have ideas in mind, our talented designers will start working on them and use their boundless creativity to magically bring our concepts to life! 

All our designs are unique and created by us - you will not find them anywhere else!

Made by Akaiji with love and passion!


Shipping & Delivery

How many days does it take to receive my products once I made a purchase?

The shipping time varies depending on the type of product and on the destination. Our warehouses are located in USA and Europe and it takes between 2 to 7 business days to make the product and have it ready for shipment. However, in most cases, the product is ready for shipment in 3 to 4 business days.

Once the product leaves our warehouse, you need to add shipping time. It usually takes between 5 to 8 business days for U.S. orders, and between 10-20 business days for international orders (including, on average, 5 to 10 business days for Europe). These are the longest estimates: usually, products are delivered faster.

I have ordered multiple products from your store, but I have only received one item. Why?

Don’t worry, your products are all on your way! Due to our different workshop locations, if you order multiple products on our store, you might receive one of the items before the others. Indeed, if an item is ready to be shipped before others, we might ship it first and send the other items afterwards. We do this so that you can receive your products faster. That’s why there’s a possibility to receive your items in separate packages and deliveries. In addition, if your order includes different types of items (ex: a t-shirt and a bag), we might ship them separately if necessary. Nevertheless, we will try to ship all the items at once whenever possible.

Who delivers my items?

Your items are directly delivered from our warehouses. They will be delivered to you by your local postal service.

Where can I track my items?

We handle a high volume of items. As a result, if you would like to get more information about the tracking of your package, please contact us at info@akaiji.com and we will provide you with all the information.

What time are delivery usually made?

Items are delivered according to the local postal service and are usually during postal business hours (from Monday to Friday, usually around 9am to 5pm).

What happens if no one is at home to receive the package?

Some items are left in your mailbox if they are small enough. Otherwise, if the postman does not have access to your mailbox, your package will usually be left at your local post office and ready for you to pick it up!

I’ve made a mistake in the delivery address – what can I do?

Write us an email as soon as possible! If you reach out early enough and before we ship your products, there won’t be any issue to change the address.

Can I change the delivery address once the shipping is confirmed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to update any aspect of the order once the package has been shipped out from our warehouses.


Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

I received a damaged / defective item - can I get a refund?

If the product you received is defective or damaged, please contact us and provide us with all necessary information whenever possible (pictures, description of the issue). You should contact us as soon as you receive the defective item and within 2 weeks after receiving it.

I did not receive my product – can I get a refund?

If you did not receive your product, please contact us within 2 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Your order delivery might have been delayed – if the package has been lost and nothing was indeed delivered, we will either refund you or send you a new item (depending on the case).

What is your return policy?

You can refer to our Return Policy for more information on this subject.

Keep in mind that promotional/sale items are not eligible for refund.

Can I return the item and exchange it with something else?

Exchanges are possible only if the returned item is in perfect condition. Please contact us if it’s the case. Exchanges are not possible for promotional/sale items.

Will you refund me the shipping costs?

Depending on the item and the reason, refunds are available if your order qualifies.



Are you looking for partnerships or ambassadors?

We are open to partner with ambassadors. Please contact us directly at info@akaiji.com and email us your social media handles and we will get back to you as soon as possible.